Z1 Studio 
Camille de Dieu
+ Laurent Novac

Z1 Studio

Camille de Dieu
+ Laurent Novac

Otiosi new !
Virtual Crossings
Divine Nature
Fear of Murmuration
D100’s Trace
COMMISSIONNED (selections)
Cosmos Archeology
Storm Bao

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swiss artist installation
performance video sound

Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac, born in 1986, live and work in Geneva.

In 2016, they decided to assemble their personal experience around sound, light and space acquired during the last ten years.
Mixing scientific references and fiction in their creations, they engage, together, a research on the discovery of new unreal territory as well as thinking about new life scenario.
Artists and engineer, their projects are showcased in real time, allowing them to anchor theirs imaginary and future territory in particular and intimate presents.
They create new worlds and sculpt new sonorities allowing a total immersion in parallel universes.

Camille de Dieu has focused her work on matters and its reaction to different contexts. These creations call differents techniques and mediums like projection mapping, 3D modeling, ceramic, light projection.
She has exhibited her projects around the world (HEK-Basel, Mudac-Lausanne, Salone del Mobile-Milano, Bam Festival Liège, Swissnex Rio...).

Laurent Novac’s research are mainly into the creation of tools and pieces with a focus on live performance, this with a particular accent on graphic rendering and sound creation.
His work makes it possible to produce from sound synthesis a material useful in the accompaniment, the takeover and generation of visual pieces.
His works are influenced by artists like Steve Reich, Robert Henke, Joy Division or even Philip Glass even though they cannot be dissociated to their visual context.

Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac are also both invited professor at the high school of art and design at HEAD-Geneva and EPFL